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Baby Booties and New Beginnings

Updated: Jan 31

My husband and I are in a WILD yet exciting new season of life. Gone are the calm (and sometimes admittedly boring) early newlywed days and, in replacement, a whirlwind new season with a seven-month-old and another baby on the way. This is the most beautiful time we never saw coming. It just goes to show that God knows a little better than us when planning out our lives.

These days are bittersweet, a mixture of bliss and exhaustion. It's exactly what we want but pushes us to the limit. Triumphant and mind-numbing. All the emotions wrapped into one cluster of "I'm just figuring this out"ness. But, boy, do those little giggles pull you back down to earth. 

This week, I found a crochet pattern on Pinterest that I adore and that helps prepare us for having TWO littles in the house. The pattern's creator is Maisie and Ruth from, and the direct pattern link is 

After completing my college work for the day, I dove into creating these booties, wondering what exactly to expect from the pattern. Patterns from Pinterest are sometimes a hit or a miss for me. Some creators don't know how to communicate their patterns through writing, which makes the whole effort a bust. However, Maisie and Ruth did a beautiful job of writing their pattern in a way that crochet beginners could even figure out if they knew the particular stitches. 

Our baby is constantly flailing those little legs of hers. It doesn't take long for shoes that don't withstand the "active baby test" to fly off. So, we're constantly looking for little sock shoes or booties that stay on. They're, by far, the type of footwear that works best for her. I heard they allow a baby's feet to grow the best, but I'm no expert. I'm just an observer of the world ;) 

Here is the finished product after a night of crocheting and watching The Traitors on Peacock. It's unexpectedly our new favorite show (and wildly entertaining). 

These booties withstood the "active baby test" and fit like a charm. We have yet to wear them a whole day to know just how well they stay on, but they're snug and don't flop off with a few kicks, which is more than we can say for other shoes.

It was nice to log on quickly and update on life and projects. This is why I'm so happy about my new blog setup. I'm glad I can share more of everyday life and who I am instead of only the more formal and literary posts I do. This can aid as a sort of journal through the years of where we are and what I'm making. It's a mixture of the casual and the professional.

So, here's to all the new beginnings- in life and on this blog! If you haven't already, scroll to the bottom of our home page and subscribe to stay "in the loop" on our newest antics.

And that's a wrap, folks!

-Hannah Anderson, signing off


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