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Hey! I'm Hannah, Writer of Literary Loops

Updated: Feb 12

Okay, picture it: Summer of 2023...Hannah Anderson, aged 23, typing furiously on the notepad feature on her phone while parked in her Subaru, visions of sugar plums dancing in her head. Except when I say sugar plums, I really mean ideas for a new blog where she can share everything she likes and is not limited, where she can share her writing, book reviews, creative projects, and just life in general. Its name? Literary Loops. It's a fitting name that encompasses all I wish this blog to be: a love of writing and literature and crochet interwoven throughout one little corner of the internet, a cute little place to share life with you and all the new projects I'm doing. (Also, this was only read correctly if you said it in Rose's voice from Golden Girls).

Follow along to witness a love for books and occasional creations, a place I will share reviews, insights from classics, my completed projects, ways to incorporate a love of creativity, reading, and writing into your everyday life, and other blog posts that surround life. This blog is meant to inspire your own creative pursuits and to help you have fun while doing so.

If you're feeling any sort of connection with this mission, then stick along for the ride. There will be weekly or monthly posts, and there's a bonus: a person on the other end of the blog who cares about cultivating a nice wholesome space on the internet for you.

Your excited and eager to get started blogger,

Hannah Anderson

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